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VRAJPACK is leading corrugated boxes and related packaging material manufacturing company. The group has been in operation since 2006 with reach experience in manufacturing of the same products; in 2016 we have tack giant leap to commission a larger unit.

Our unit is spread in a 50,000 sq ft of area, with a capacity of 50MT per day. With a fully automatic production capacity and stage of the art machinery, we back ourselves to deliver the most challenging packing solution.

We are committed to delivering quality on time every time within pre-planned schedules.

Machinery Details

  • Corrugation plant – 2 (High Speed)
  • Printing Machine – 3 (2 Color, 4 Color)
  • Folder Gluer Machine
  • Stitching Machine
  • Auto Bundling Machine
  • Boiler Capacity – 2



First step towards successful delivery is to check all the aspect which is required to full-fill client needs, Hence checking is an important aspect of the successful delivery of the consignment.

Thus, it is very important to create a sustainable packing for different conditions.
Whether its cartons or wooden boxes, the packing must be tough to withstand environmental and physical conditions.

Fully Equipped Laboratory with high quality of instruments like Box Compression Tester, Bursting Strength Tester, Crush Tester, Cobb Sizing Test, Manual sample cutter for ring crush test fie and Punch type, Manual sample cutter for edge crush test, Electronic GSM tester, Moisture testing machine.

GSM Tester

  • This equipment measures and directly indicates a substance of paper in terms of grams per sq. meter (GSM). It displays gsm of samples cut selected to size on a digital indicator.

Bursting Strength (BS) & Bursting Factor (BF) Tester

  • This equipment is utilized for measuring the bursting strength of paper by submitting it to an increasing uniform hydraulic pressure via a window.

COBB Tester

  • Cobb sizing tester determines the amount of water or any liquid absorbed by the paper, corrugated fibreboard, and paperboard in a given period of time under some conditions. Water absorptiveness is a function of various characteristics of paper or board such as porosity, sizing, etc.

Once a person check all the raw-materials which we have to use to make new corrugated box. After checking all the aspects all raw-material will be unload at the plant for further processing.

Using powerful fork-lifts, skilled equipment operators select, move, and load rolls of kraft paper at one end of the corrugator. The corrugating rolls are covered with I O flutes —horizontal, parallel ridges like the teeth of massively wide gears. When the hot paper passes between the corrugating rolls, the flutes trap and bend it, forming the middle part of a sheet of corrugated cardboard.

Each corrugating machine has interchangeable corrugating rolls featuring different flute sizes. Installing a different A finished piece of corrugated cardboard consists of a single corrugated layer sandwiched between two liner layers.

At the end of corrugator, a slitter-scorer trims the cardboard and cuts it into large sheets called box blanks. Box blanks pop out of the slitter-scorer like wide slices of toast and slide into an automatic stacker that loads them onto a large, rolling platform.

Printing is performed on corrugated box blanks that have been formed, scored and cut by a corrugator.

Printing dies and die-cutting patterns I 3 are prepared in a pattern shop on large, flexible sheets of rubber or tin. The dies and patterns are loaded onto the large rollers in the flexo, and the box blanks are automatically fed through it.

As each blank passes through the rollers of the flexo(the name is short for flexographic machine), it is trimmed, printed, cut, scored, and, in a printer-folder-gluer, folded and glued to form a box.


From the flexo, the finished boxes are automatically stacked and sent to a banding machine to be wrapped for shipping. Other equipment in a corrugating plant includes stand-alone die-cutters, die-cutters with print stations, and machines known as curtain coaters that apply a wax coating to fruit, vegetable, and meat containers.



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